Thursday, October 28, 2010

Celebrating Helia Environmental's Birth

Helia Environmental is official.  Our doors are open, and we hope to be of service to you!

Now that we're also up-and-running on Blogger, we'll be posting here with a wide variety of environmental and ecological stories, news, and more.

So who are we and what do we do?  My name is Lloyd Raleigh and I'm here to serve you.  Whether you’re a private landowner, a non-profit organization, or a government agency, Helia Environmental can provide you with the environmental insight, knowledge, and support for your specific needs.  Contact me at for a free initial consultation and we’ll be happy to serve you through:
  •       Management Planning
  •       Facilitation
  •       Project Management
  •       GPS and GIS Mapping
  •       Ecological and Socioeconomic Research
  •       Land-use and Disturbance History Reports
  •       Conservation Easement Monitoring and Baseline Documentation
  •       Habitat and Species Monitoring
  •       Rare Species Recovery
  •       Ecological Assessments
  •       Habitat and Wetland Delineation
  •       Grant Writing and Applications
  •       Sustainability Assessment and Design
  •       Permitting
  •       Photography
  •       Video Production and Editing

For all projects, Helia Environmental will provide high-quality reports with highly accurate and useful maps, easy-to-read yet informative and relevant information.  Helia Environmental believes that reports should be concise while also providing useful supplemental materials.
Let Heila Environmental enhance your projects with award-winning video production and editing, digital photography, presentations, and other multi-media products.

We've carefully developed a code of ethics that guide all of our services:
  • Superior customer service
  • Healthy respect for all humans, animals, plants, ecosystems, and life in general
  • Clear understanding of complex management and stewardship choices involving living beings 
  • Equal and balanced commitment to the natural world, clients, stakeholders, and other voices
  • Firm resolve to improve our relationship with nature
  • Rich knowledge that humans are a fundamental, keystone part of nature and its dynamics
Here's to a harmonious planet!


Lloyd Raleigh

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