Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Positive Impact and the Small Picture

Anyone can make a difference with simple steps.  Many people may feel overwhelmed these days, with global warming, pollution, the loss of farms and forests, wars, and more!  Billions of people live on this planet, how can I make a difference?

Looking at the moment, the small picture, allows us to take a deep breath and realize that the small picture is the way to make that difference.  Many people are working in this way, by redesigning their yard or insulating their house, one step at a time.

I met with Jorge Riano, the founder and owner of GreenBy3, at the Green Sage.  Jorge Riano smiled as he talked about his business over a cup of tea.  He embodied the small picture.  His mission is to help people take simple steps so that we can begin to make a difference in our environment, communities, businesses and homes. 

I look forward to more conversations with Jorge in the future as we take our simple steps each day, one at a time.

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